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Published on December 15, 2020

Learn with Blippi as he explores a bus! Learning Vehicles for kids with Blippi! In this Blippi video your child will learn all about machines, colors, vehicles and more!
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Come explore the wonderous world with everybody’s best friend, Blippi. How does a recycling truck work? What does a baker do? What is the best playground around? There are so many exciting things to explore and learn. Feed your kids’ curiosity while they learn about vehicles, animals, the natural world and so much more. Blippi helps children‘s understanding of the world and encourages vocabulary development. Blippi loves visiting exciting places such as children’s museums and the zoo! He loves singing, dancing, playing and exploring. His contagious curiosity engages young viewers in learning adventures that help them both grow and develop.

Blippi Explores A Bus | Educational Videos For Kids | Blippi Videos
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