10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in the United States

The United States is a staggeringly diverse land of multiple attractions, landscapes and man-made must visits. From the sultry shores of Florida to the breathtaking wineries of California to the ice-capped land of Alaska, it’s an out and out adventure. Visitors to the United States have the tendency to explore one region at a time. However, the entire nation is sprinkled with incredible sights. From global attraction icons to the most splendid architectural marvels, the United States seldom fails to hold its visitors spellbound! Here are the country’s top 10 tourist attractions.

1. Grand Canyon

It is travel blasphemy to visit the United States and not see the absolutely surreal Grand Canyon. Carved from the Colorado River, this attraction pierces into the dramatic cliffs gracing the region. Stand on the cliff edge of the thrilling canyon to witness a mile long look out deep below. The most frequented part of the Grand Canyon National Park is the South Rim region. There is a massive visitor center and regular shuttle service during peak tourist season. The South Rim has a walkway that runs adjacent to the canyon, while offering panoramic views of the natural wonder. Visitor access from November to May is limited due to snow. Click On the Next Button to See Next.


2 Glacier National Park

Offering one of the most dramatically beautiful mountainous scenery in North America, Montana’s Glacier National Park is teeming with glaciers, waterfalls and valleys and a fascinating alpine landscape. Take the Going-to- the-Sun road winding through the elevated Logan pass (at 7,747 ft) during the summer months (closed during winters) to witness spectacular sights of the park along the way. The attraction has a line-up of quaint, historic lodges and pleasant hiking trails. Wear a good pair of hiking shoes, carry lots of water, and take along one of the park’s numerous hiking trails for the adventure of a lifetime.

3 Statue of Liberty

The majestic Statue of Liberty has become a familiar icon for not just United States of America but also the nation’s deeply rooted values of freedom. At 152 ft in the New York Harbor, it can be strategically spotted from anywhere around the city. Take in vantage point vistas of the statue from Battery Park or hop on a ferry until the statue. There are various tickets based on the level through which you wish to access the attraction. Visitor tip: book in advance in you plant to visit the statues.

4.Walk Disney World Resort

This mega world famous theme park brings out the child in every adult, and is probably on the bucket list of every family around the world. There aren’t just theme parks and attractions, but world class resorts, water parks, swanky shopping destinations, golf courses, fine dining options and world-class performing arts venues. Not to forget mad made lakes, beaches and plenty of other leisure activities to keep the entire family on their toes. Spend more than a few days here to savor its true magnificence!

5 Las Vegas Strip

Everyone wants to visit Vegas in their lifetime, and what happens in Vegas doesn’t often stay in Vegas. Walking or driving on the Main Street or Vegas Strip as it’s popularly referred makes for a spectacular experience with its dazzling lines, neon lit casinos, live shows and other entertainment options. It is similar to being in an adult version of Walk Disney World. As if the larger than life resorts and live performance venues weren’t enough, there are replicas of the NYC skyline, Venice canals and Eiffel Tower. You’ll witness everything from dancing fountains to Elvis lookalikes to whimsical entertainment options. There are lots of performing arts professionals in Vegas, so expect lavish doses of magic shows, stand-up comedy and operas.


6 Waikiki

Home to the planet’s most sought after Pacific beach, Waikiki wins for its tropical paradise marries metropolis vibe. Let the wind blow through your hair while you relax on a stunning stretch of powdery white sand. If that doesn’t impress you much, the skyline is covered with a multitude of swanky buildings, beach resorts and shopping complexes. From surfing in the near perfect waters of Waikiki to watching the world’s best sunset, it’s magic all the way here!

7 San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio’s River Walk is a lovely location, where you can enjoy relaxed picnics, walks, souvenir shopping or dining out. The walk runs alongside San Antonio River and snakes into the city’s main streets, sprinkled with eateries and outdoor cafes. Tiny, colorful boats ply through the river, while aesthetic bridges complete the beauty of this rather scenic attraction. The riverside is replete with lush emerald trees and a plethora of entertainment options (think live music and seasonal tourist events). Savor a cup of coffee at one of the outdoor cafes while indulging in a bit of people watching on a lazy afternoon. Bliss, we say!

8 Golden Gate Bridge

Running from San Francisco’s bay area to the Marin County, the Golden Bridge screams San Fran like nothing else! Built in the early 30’s, the blue waters under the bridge complement its tangerine hues to create impressive accents. The 2 mile long iconic bridge forms a portion of Hwy 101. The bridge is quite a sight to behold in foggy winters when all the only thing that’s visible are its protruding towers. A photographer’s delight, Golden Gate Bridge’s almost perfect composition makes it an Instagram staple!

9.Times Square

There’s no missing the infectious and vivacious vibe of Times Square, especially the New Year’s Eve countdown. Throngs of visitors are waiting for an opportunity to take photographs of themselves with the street’s larger than life billboards in the backdrop. The lifeblood of Midtown Manhattan, the Times Square intersection is about a buzzing energy that’s hard to find anywhere in the world. Want to enjoy the place in its fullest glory? Head there during the night. Dine at one of the eclectic restaurants in the area of indulge in some good retail therapy.

10.Boston Freedom Trail

The Boston Freedom Trail is a historical 2.5 mile walk down the city’s most iconic structures/attractions. A line-up of red bricks and heritage sidewalks not just gives you a fascinating peek into the city’s illustrious past, but also a glimpse of its emerging future. Start with the Visitors Center (at Boston Common) for information on the various monuments and attractions. Some sites worth discovering are State House, Old Granary Burying Ground, Paul Revere House, Old City Hall and several others. When you’re done with witnessing a slice of Boston’s distinguished history, make your way into an old-worldly eatery to make

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