15 Incredible Things to Do in Glacier National Park Before it is Too Late!

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Glacier National Park in Montana is called the “Crown of the Continent” for a reason. This famous park in the United States features impressive views with a touch of glacier-carved adventure.

Stop your time-wasters! Now, grab your map, travel essentials and best self to prepare for an escapade in this beautifully elevated place.

Experience these 15 incredible things in Glacier in order to uncover the park’s breathtaking sceneries. Furthermore, get ready to indulge yourself in a get-away that exudes authenticity.

1.Going-to-the-Sun Road Bike Tour

What better way to start your day-trip than cycling on the road while feeling the glacier air? If biking is not really your thing, you may hire biking guides as a resolve.

Highlight your trip with a fun biking spree while climbing steadily upwards. Thereafter, get some time for quiet navel-gazing.  This moment is surely a breathing space for the mind and soul.


2. Lake McDonald

Magnificent is just fit to describe this lake in Glacier National park.  Lake McDonald holds its reputation as the largest lake in the national park and one of the best travel destinations in Montana.

From the clear lake mirroring the heavenly blue sky to the lush yet pure natural backdrop, what else would you wish for? Moreover, you can find striking different colored stones in the lake which makes it impossible to take bad pictures, instead, just pure beauty. Whether you are watching it from Apgar or from the Lake McDonald Lodge you can definitely behold the lake’s finest spot.

3. Glacier National Park Whitewater Rafting Trip

Undeniably, there are so many activities to do and so many stunning sceneries to see around Glacier. Rafting adventure at the national park’s whitewater is definitely one of those that you should not miss.

Enjoy a fun paddling experience through the river’s turquoise water. There are two basic options for your rafting experience. First, is the peaceful scenic float; and second is the thrilling whitewater adventure. What is more amazing is that some tour companies offer overnight trips. In this case, you get to witness Montana’s magical blue skies and stars, while on the riverside.  A perfect combination of buzz, solace and dreamlike, right?

4. Iceberg Lake Trail

The park is apparently rich with remarkable trails. Primarily, both locals and tourists use the Iceberg Lake Trail for hiking, biking, walking or simple nature side trips and bird watching.

The scenic forested trail will eventually lead you into the alpine. The trail continuously offers an unparalleled view of the region as it ascends to a stone field.  Take note though that the trail may be confusing given that there are different routes available. Thus, if it is your first time in the area, it is best to hire a tour or hiking guide to save your fears.

5. Red Tour Bus

Experience the best of Montana while onboard their famous red bus transportation. If you think hiking would take a toll on your energy, then availing their red tour bus is your key.

Preserve your vigor while roaming around the best parts of Glacier National Park through their red bus tours.

What is more interesting is that these red buses are somehow historic. Some of these transport vehicles have been restored from the original ones, which have been on transport since the 1903s.

6. Hike the Trail of the Cedars

Another trail site in Glacier is the Trail of the Cedars. Unlike the other trails around Montana, Cedars is natural for an easy walk. This works well for those who have strollers or can no longer survive a difficult trek.

This place can also be a good location for a campsite and picnic area. It has also parking spaces on the side of the road.

7. Grinnell Glacier Trail -Take a Hike

Hiking is never getting old! The usual hike to Grinnell Glacier commences from the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead located approximately one-half mile past the Many Glacier Hotel.

How long does the hiking take? Some travelers suggest that it would normally take five to six hours to hike up and back. The place is actually known as the heart of Montana’s Glacier National Park.

For the record, the glacier has been one of the most photographed glaciers in the park, mostly during the late Little Ice Age. Accordingly, when images of over the past years were compared with the recent ones, there are signs of glacier’s retreat. Thus, you must take the chance to take a photo of this infamous glacier before it’s too late.

8. Big Horn Sheep

Montana’s rugged mountain is home to wildlife like Big Horn Sheep. In fact, around 5,000 of this  North American native sheep inhabit Montana in diverse populations. Some of these species are endangered.

Overhunting, shortage of food and water, and livestock competition are some of the many reasons for the breed’s extinction.

Therefore, it would be best that you see these animals up-close while their population still subsists

9. Logan Pass

Logan pass is known as the visitor center at Glacier National Park. The pass has a lot to offer including a commendable vantage point to sight-see wildlife.

If you have plans to visit the pass, do it from mid-to-late June until mid-October as it is generally open. It is not passable during winter due to the difficulty of keeping the Going-to-the-sun Road open and the fall hazards.

10. Cracker Lake Hike

Cracker Lake is another splendid trail to experience in Glacier. The spectacular trail scenery seems like settings on movies and television shows.

The trail follows the west bank of Canyon Creek, ascending moderately. At approximately 5.6 miles, you reach the foot of Cracker Lake. Few walks would thereafter lead to the Lake Campground.

You will go through a thick forest during the first few parts of the walk. However, this hiking birth pain escapade all pays as you will see the outstanding scenery of the Cracker flats area a few miles away.

11. Polebridge Mercantile

photo from Only In Your State blog

Take a quick break from the overwhelming natural backgrounds and take a stop at this Polebridge Mercantile to fill your food cravings.

Known as “The North Fork’s Last Best Outpost”, the Merc serves as a general store, bakery and even base camp to Northwest Montana for over 100 years already. It is considered as an essential stop for anyone visiting the west side of the national park.

This small community brings you back to the days when smartphones and all-level devices were not as trendy as today

12. Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake is a perfect epitome of a serene stunning chunk of nature. It is located in the southwest of Bearhat Mountain and receives meltwater from Sperry Glacier.

More than the incredible views, the lake also has the perfect mix of easy access, fun experience, and scenic points. No wonder it is one of the most popular hikes in the National Park.

Also, you get to glimpse a piece of history as some of the trees in this area are more than 500 years old already. What a sight to behold, right?

13. Jammer Joe’s Grill & Pizzeria by the Lake McDonald Lodge

photo from Flickr

There is no way not to look for food whenever you travel. Thus, Jammer’s Joe sets all in for your full-fledged adventure through their casual and delicious meals.

The pizzeria’s menu includes the following:

  • Eat-all-you can lunch buffet
  • pizzas, of course
  • fresh soup
  • salads
  • sandwiches.

Feed your travel cravings with these local flavors without thinking that you are far from home.

14. Mary’s Falls

The reasons for visiting falls is pretty obvious. That is to witness a stunning display of water flow rate. Everyone should experience to be spectators of this nature exhibition at least once in a lifetime.

Hiking through St. Mary’s is also an alternate route for a short easy hike to waterfalls, instead of the usual challenging trails.

Hikes to St. Mary Falls usually begins from the St. Mary Falls Shuttle Stop near the entrance station on the Going-to-the-sun Road.  Do not worry about parking spaces! It has parking by the street. If you bring along toddlers and decide to reach the waterfalls, make sure to be careful as the stones can be slippery. But overall, it is a good sweep of an easy level of adventure.

15. Apgar Visitor Center

Apgar Visitor Center is all you need for either as your first stop or your trip finale.  Apgar is located at the entry of Going-to-the-Sun Road. It is open daily from mid-May to mid-October. Meanwhile, it is generally open on weekends during fall, spring and winter.

If your body wants that quick recharge, Apgar Visitor Center is one of the best accommodations to go to. It has restrooms, fountains, bookstores, shuttle service and, of course, WiFi. Aren’t these amenities perfect for a swift break from the travel and tours?

16. Ready to witness the wonders of nature?

Make the most out of your date with nature at Glacier National Park through experiencing these incredible adventures. Wonder into the woods, falls and restaurants like these are the best moments of your life. Feel for the pulse of these beautiful places anytime soon before it’s too late!

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