15 Most Incredibly Beautiful Lakes in the World

The biggest draw at Moraine Lake is the sheer variety of hiking and walking trails, the most popular of them all being The Rockpile Trail. The 300 meters long patch has tourists thronging on it. Witness the most photographed location of Canada from Rockpile’s peak. This iconic vistas of the mountains peeping out from the lake and valley is referred to as the “Twenty Dollar View” (since the lake featured on twenty dollar bills).


2. Melissani Cave, Greece

According to Greek legend, Melissani is known to be the Nymph’s cave. It has a striking looking lake in addition to lush trees and a thriving forest. Nestled smack in the middle of the Eymorfia and Agia Dynati mountains, the place plays host to plenty of tourists. While plants grow at the entrance of the cave, the base of the lake is filled with intriguing, brown stones.


3. Pink Lake, Australia

The name can be slightly misleading because it’s not the pink water as you’ve been imagining. However, there’s no denying that the water changes color frequently due to a high concentration of green alga and brine prawn. If you’re intrigued about how underwater flora and fauna can impact the water tones, this one’s worth witnessing.


4. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

The Plitvice Lakes National Park was established in the late 40s and is nestled in the heart of Croatia. The network of road snaking through the park links the Croatian inland and the Adriatic belt. This one’s worth visiting if you crave for rugged wilderness in seclusion.


5. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Encircling the picturesque Bled Island, Lake Bled features several structures, the most prominent of which is a church devoted to the Assumption of Mary. Built in the late 17th century, its Gothic frescos and Baroque detailing is worth witnessing. Makes for a story book perfect scene!


6. Lake Louise, Canada

You’ve been living in a cocoon if you haven’t heard the pristine and spectacularly beautiful Lake Louise at Banff National Park in Alberta. The tranquil, sapphire blue lake is surrounded by lush natural beauty (including a bevy of mountains that host the famous Victoria Glacier). Don’t miss boating on the lake. If you haven’t already seen it yet, check out the popular video of a lady and her cat rowing of Lake Louise, Banff National Park. Yes, this is indeed the granddaddy of all lakes and national parks with all its natural trimmings.


7. Lake Powell, Utah

Lake Powell is juxtaposed between Utah and Arizona, much like Rainbow Bridge, a major part of which runs along Utah. With an annual tourist turnover of approximately two million folks, this is the second largest artificial reservoir (optimal water capacity)in the nation. The image of the Lake Powell being surrounded by Utah’s magnificent stone formations is worth capturing and ‘Instagramming.’ There’s no doubt about Utah’s magnificent natural beauty, and the Lake Powell only makes it more alluring.


8. Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

Lake Wakatipu is emptied by River Kawarau that eventually flows from Frankton Arm, located to Queenstown’s east. While Queenstown is nestled in the lake’s northern shore, the seiche in Queenstown Bay causes the water to rise to 200 millimeters. The lake is a perfect halt for those waiting to discover the untamed wilderness of New Zealand. Hey, and you can also discover Queenstown Bay while you’re savoring the unguarded beauty of Lake Wakatipu. New Zealand has plenty of hidden gems for those willing to give it an honest chance.


9. Lake Como, Italy

Locally known as Lago di Como, literally translating into Lake of Como, this lake is often mentioned in magazines and travel literature as Como Lake. The name is actually derived from Como city, which was known to the Romans as Comum. Today, the lake makes for picturesque backdrop for clicking social media happy pictures and exploring Italy’s unseen countryside. Take a road trip down Italy, while discovering its magnificent lakes and lakeside hamlets.


10. Lake Baikal, Siberia

The world’s biggest volume-wise freshwater lake comprising about 20 percent of earth’s fresh water resources (yes, it is that massive!). It has more fresh water resources than All North American Great Lakes together. Featuring a plunging depth of 1,642 meters, Baikal is the planet’s deepest lakes. Baikal is also known to be earth’s cleanest and most ancient lake (25 million years and counting, phew!).


11. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

One of Guatemala’s most eminent attractions, the iconic Lake Atitlan is known for its pristine surroundings and post-card perfect beauty. The lake has been referenced in several books as a natural masterpiece. The volcanoes encircling it make it even prettier. Don’t forget to take pictures at the crack of dawn or sundown.


12. Spotted Lake, Okhanagan Valley, BC, Canada

While the lake water is known to evaporate during summers, there are a whole lot of vibrantly hued deposits left behind. Large patches appear on the lake, and are hued based on the water’s mineral composition. There are leftover minerals around the lake that naturally solidify to create natural walkways. Canada is full of immaculate and well maintained lakes that make for perfect picnic spots. This is another Instagram beautiful lake that just can’t be missed.


13. Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

The quirkily shaped lake features several curve bends along with four branches. It commences from the Reuss Valley above Urnersee and snakes to Brunnen at the north before doing a sharp west turn smack into the dramatic Gersauer Becken. Enjoy cycling along the lake and greet other amiable tourists wanting to discover Lucerne’s charm. You’ll often find pictures of the idyllic Lucerne splashed across travel brochures. And why not? It is gorgeous, well-preserved and encircled by ravishing natural beauty.


14. Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake, located in central Oregon, is the highlight of Crater Lake National Park. Popular for its deep sapphire hues and clear water, this one’s a photogenic beauty! The lake fills a 655 meter deep caldera dating back 7,700 years. Total water replacement happens every 250 years ago, since rainwater and snowfall make up for the massive evaporation. Crater is the deepest lake in the country, and ranks as the tenth deepest lake in the world.


15. Carrera Lake, Argentina

Carrera Lake features a surface area of 1,850 square kilometers, out of which 970 square kilometers form a part of Chilean Aysen del General Carlos Ibanez del Campo Region. It is the in fact the fourth biggest lake in Argentina and Chile’s largest. In its far western basin, Lake Gen Carrera boasts a maximum depth of 586 meters. True blue South American splendor.


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