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Poetry is one of the richest, most complex and beautiful forms of expression of all languages. The cultural and emotional impact that poetry has had over the years cannot be overestimated. The famous writer Salman Rushdie said that “a poet’s job is to name the unspeakable, to denounce fraud, to take sides, to argue, to shape the world and to prevent it from falling asleep”. This respect and fascination for poetry has spread all over the world and the incredible popularity of the medium has only grown.

The history of poetry goes back thousands of years and interest in creating and reading great poems has never been stronger. There are magazines and communities, magazines and competitions to create poetry around the world. Here we have listed 100 of the most interesting, unique, beautiful and fascinating sources of new and old poems online. For the insightful poet who wants to join the vibrant online community of poetry lovers, these are perfect entry points.

Poetry organizations
Many passionate poets and readers have come together to preserve the legacy of poetry and continue to create more and advance the medium. There are organizations for poets and verse lovers of all genres, and some of the most active are gathered here.

Poetry Newspapers
Poetry magazines provide writers with a place where their work is published, read, loved and criticized by a broad community of readers and writers. Some journals offer both print and online editions, while others are limited to one or the other. All this deserves an in-depth reading for anyone who wants to explore poetry in the process of writing.

Poetry Blogs
Some poetry blogs deal with the process and product of great poets, while others publish new works or discuss the field of poetry and literature in a broad sense.

Archives and collections
Many collections exist to preserve the works of famous poets and lesser-known manufacturers who nevertheless have brought a unique and convincing voice to the poetic medium.